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Biblically, the church is described in numerous ways. On one hand, we observe that the local church is a living organism—an expression of the body of Christ. On the other, we know that the church is an organization set up by Christ and regulated by the guidelines commanded throughout the Scriptures. A duly authorized Constitution and By-Laws are maintained by Prince of Peace based upon Scriptural principles for Church Governance and are designed to ensure that the church is postured to fulfill its Biblical purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus.


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Safety In Our Church
This is a very difficult subject for your Board of Directors to bring to your attention and yet we feel it needs to be shared.

Churches have a long tradition of being a place of security and sanctuary, but that traditional thinking is being shaken. Whether due to tragedy in a Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, a Baptist church in Alabama, a Jewish Community Center in Kansas or other incidents,  many churches and their members are raising concerns about security. One writer stated that, “It’s a tragic reality of our world today that churches must consider the possibility of … violence happening on their premises.” 

Recently, some concerns were raised when we received a troubling post on the POP Facebook page from a sender not previously known to POP. As a result of that post, the sender was blocked and the post removed. Read the entire message and associated Q&As here.

Mission Ministry Update
Back in April 2015 it was the recommendation of the Board of Directors to move forward with the development of a Local Missions Ministry in coordination with Assimilation & Outreach. The vision we created for this work was to join Jesus on His mission by building relationships and gaining the trust with our neighbors in need within their current structure of their lives to create opportunities to witness for Christ. We expressed that a need existed to broaden our scope from a focus on a single culture and to become more in touch with the many families in our communities struggling with financial/economic hardship and the lack of ability to provide for basic human needs as well as concerns for at risk youth and adults. Local Missions Ministry is off to an amazing start that aligns us more directly with our Mission, our Vision and our Core Values. Local Missions Ministry is an important way through which we all can share Christ’s peace. Learn more about our current Local Mission initiatives here

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