Prince of Peace’s worship life is somewhat unique. Many other churches offer both a "traditional" worship experience and a "contemporary" worship service every week. While Prince of Peace embraces a variety of worship music and styles, we do things a little differently.

All of our weekend services are identical, but the musical style and format varies from weekend to weekend. Sometimes it’s organ-led with the choir singing. Other times it’s the Praise Band leading. What is consistent about every service is that it is God-directed (Matthew 4:10, 1 Corinthians 10:31), Bible-based (Hebrews 4:12), Christ-centered (John 5:39-49), and Gospel-focused (Romans 1:16), and people of all ages are welcome.

We do this for several reasons:

  • It keeps our worship fresh and vibrant.
  • It helps foster unity in the church.
  • It challenges all of us to realize that there is more than one "right" way to worship.
  • It keeps the focus of our worship on Christ and not on our personal preferences.

Worship Arts Ministry

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Adult Choir aka Voices of Peace
Handbells aka Ringing Saints
Praise! Band
Acoustic Praise
Biblical Storytelling, and
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