Invited to Rejoice


As we wrap up our REJOICE WITH ME! liturgical year theme, we'll continue our journey with a focus on how the Bible depicts the new heaven and the new earth: one big, happy, homecoming, party-feast! Think about it - when we celebrate special occasions, we bring people together and typically around a meal as we share the joy of the occasion. That is exactly how God celebrates. He invites us to share His joy. YOU are INVITED! to His dinner party.

This Sunday morning Adult Education class series will parallel but does not repeat the INVITED! sermon messages. The class will examine additional scriptures and resources in greater detail to compliment the sermon topics. The goal is to discover their application/s for our lives today through study and group discussion. Therefore, we look forward to hearing the richness that your thoughts, questions, and insights bring toward accomplishing that goal.

Classes meet for 6 weeks on Sunday mornings in room 17 at 9:00am beginning April 8. See you there!

April 8        Wedding at Cana (Luke 24:1-2)
April 15       Dinner with "Sinners" (John 2:1-11)
April 22      Dinner with 500+ Guests (Luke 9:10-17)
April 29      Dinner at Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35)
May 6         Dinner with Disciples (Luke 24:36-53)


You are INVITED! to join us for some or all of the classes when you able! We look forward to seeing!!

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Bill and Kay bring their passion and energy for God's Word to the facilitation of this class. Both are also members of our Voices of Peace choir.