Trust Me?

Trust. It’s fundamental to so many things in our lives. We learn it through experience as we form those first attachments with our parents. It’s one of the earliest questions we have to answer. Can I trust? WHO can I trust? No relationship can thrive for very long if it lacks trust. This is especially true in our relationship with Jesus.

The challenge is that we live in a world of mistrust. Stranger danger. Suspicion. People trying to manipulate us and sell us things. Almost constantly. Additionally, people, even people close to us, have hurt us, have broken their promises, and have broken our trust.

In this series, we’ll travel along with those original disciples as they encounter Jesus, so that we can get to know Jesus and learn what it is to trust Him in our everyday lives today. Since this is election season, we’ll compare and contrast Jesus calling His followers with presidential candidates campaigning for votes, and along the way we’ll utilize some political imagery and analogies that we hope will bring greater clarity. Ultimately, we’ll experience Jesus’ radical and agendaless friendship and find out just how trustworthy He really is.

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