Laura Froehling, Parish Nurse

Laura Froehling, Parish Nurse

Contact Laura through the church office.

Parish Nursing is a community health nursing program, operating in churches, to promote wellness by addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of congregation members. In addition, parish nurses provide preventative services and help members access the health care system. The parish nurse ministry includes:

Health Education: Health education is offered for all ages to update individuals on current health issues/concerns. Free health literature is available upon request.

Health Counseling: Individual (confidential) and group health counseling will be provided to aid individuals in making informed decisions about their health care. Blood pressure screenings are offered every 4th weekend after each service.

Community Resources Liaison: Assistance can be provided through referrals to community health resources for all ages and needs.

Congregational Care Liaison: Coordination with all the Congregational Care Ministries is provided to better serve the needs of congregation members during illness, hospitalizations, surgeries and extended care. Please call with any needs and the appropriate ministries will be notified.