Policy Based Governance

The governance structure of POP, referred to as Policy Based Governance (PBG) is consistent with Biblical principle, size, context, practicality, and mission. Policy Based Governance is the method by which the Board of Directors is organized to act as “servant leaders” to the congregation. PBG is a specific model of governing that emphasizes the values of the congregation, the vision of the congregation and the empowerment of the congregation, board, and staff. A duly authorized Constitution, By-Laws and BOD Policy Manual are maintained by Prince of Peace based upon Scriptural principles for Church Governance and are designed to ensure that the church is postured to fulfill its Biblical purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus. To learn more about Policy Based Governance (PBG) refer to PBG Documents. 

If you should have any questions about serving at Prince of Peace as a member of the Board of Directors, or know someone you believe would be a good candidate, please use the submit your questions to the Board form. 

PBG Documents

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