Can you explain the processes behind hiring Jackie when Fred is on the Board?

When Jackie was being considered for the position, the Board was advised as to the strength of this candidate and that the Board would need to consider the fact that Fred is on the Board. The By-Laws under Article 6 provides guidance with regards to candidates but not as a sitting member. Fred had advised us that he would resign, if needed, but the Board unanimously decided that with a clear understanding that he would need to recuse himself in any staff related votes or where any conflict of interest might arise, we would not call for that resignation. The Board has identified this as a grey area in the By-laws and Policy manual and we will be discussing if a change is needed or not after the first of the year. As it stands right now, Fred’s term is up May 31, 2018 and he would not be able to serve as incumbent in 2018 as he would be deemed a candidate at that time.