There seems to have been a decline in the options/availability of adult education. Are there any plans to revive the program? What about an 8:00 AM class before church or an evening option?

There has been a decline in participation in adult education over the past several years, and our number of offerings have scaled to match participation levels. Our lay-led adult education team has been faithfully planning and messaging Sunday morning opportunities. 

We did attempt an informal 8am “Prayer with the Pastors” class at the start of this ministry year, and only one person over three weeks participated in this opportunity. While even now the preaching pastor is consistently here and available around 8am each Sunday, we discontinued this as a public offering due to lack of response. We will not likely attempt another 8am gathering before church unless there is a specific request for it. 

We offered Wednesday evening Dinner and “Gospel DNA” study during Lent (2018), which was well attended!

If you have ideas or wishes relative to adult education or want to get involved in this ministry, please reach out to Pastor Matt or Karen DeLau.