I am curious how the change in Sunday service times is being received by the members of POP. It would be nice to have an agenda item for the next Voters Meeting to hear views and a discussion.

When enacting any change, it is impossible to get 100% satisfaction rates. By and large, the new service times have been received positively by members. Many people have been flexible and adaptive, and we’re very thankful for that. There has been some relief provided to our stressed, but committed volunteer teams, by going from four to three services per weekend. There has also been an increase in connection and fellowship during the time in between and around our Sunday services. All three services are more intergenerational. Each service is requested for baptisms and other milestone events. Additionally, many committed families have adopted a new routine of Sunday school hour apart then worship together as a family, something we did not see as much with 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am services.

We look to evaluate the effectiveness of this schedule after having seen it in action over a whole ministry year (2017-2018). We will be receiving some feedback during the spring metrics survey. 

Feedback can be shared anytime to Pastor Karl.