When you talk about the Vision Process, why are we using a consultant (Auxano)? Can't we do this ourselves? / What kind of a culture are we trying to be?

We have some very talented people at Prince of Peace and even a number of business consultants, but we quickly ruled out doing it ourselves. Sometimes you are so close to something you don’t see what is obvious to others. Consultants are intended to come from a place of impartiality and when you take “consultants” from within the church there is a tendency to have individual agendas and silos we want to protect. Auxano is a church-skilled organization helping us understand the uniqueness of POP and what we do and can do better than other churches. They are skilled in helping us set a course for years of vibrant, expansive ministry here at POP and Crosspoint.

We are individually unique creations to serve Jesus on His mission. That means that collectively, POP is unique to any other church and we are working to understand that “DNA” and use our unique strengths as leverage to move forward. We, like thousands of churches, have a mission, a vision, core values and we define areas of our strategic focus. Auxano will help us translate our vision from just content to a POP Lifestyle, from a mission statement to missional mandate, from value statements to missional motives, from strategy as a plan to strategy as a missional map, and measurements from just goals to missional life marks. Auxano is focused on helping us identify and leverage our uniqueness to most effectively "carry the heartbeat of Jesus" to our surrounding community. Auxano has done this with hundreds of other churches nationwide and brings significant expertise guiding churches like POP to clear and focused vision for their future. POP was born in 1970 as a mission church and since then, we often refer to ourselves as a “missional” church. But what does that mean to us forging forward? How do we leverage that history to proclaim the gospel in our world? How do we “be the church” – not something we do or a place we go, but what we are, personally inspired and life-oriented in Christ Jesus?

We also received an anonymous question, to which we typically do not respond. It read: “What kind of culture are we trying to be? What are we doing to reinforce that culture?” Another great question which through the Vision Process, we will work on unlocking and understanding our culture in order to unleash our potential future. Through it all we trust in God’s Word to be our guide.

This process is very different than anything else we have ever done and the next several months will challenge us like never before. We look forward to sharing with you just how this unfolds.