Pastor Karl mentioned that a 2017 objective is “renewed fellowship.” What will this look like?

Fellowship together is necessary for us as a community, but it should also be welcoming to visitors and guests. Renewed fellowship includes reinforcing such activities as our weekly coffee service where the presence of our fellowship together enhances the guest experience. It is also about congregation-wide events which punctuate our year with open invitation fellowship activities. While we would see this being about 4 per year, the bigger discussions are what they will look like and how we make them happen. Like the Thanksgiving Eve pies or a potluck, low impact events are ideal. The Men’s Easter Breakfast would be another event, but in order to dig deeper than this in the future, we will need to be talking about volunteers to serve as a group that would be ready to own this aspect of ministry and drive itto come up with ideas that they will help carry out. Finally, points of connection need to remain seated in P.E.A.C.E. Groups and other smaller Bible study and fellowship groups with more focused connections. If you would like to be a part of that discussion, please contact Diana Vander Pas or Dave Penner.