Do we need to keep budgeting for guest pastors and guest musicians?

We haven’t had a guest pastor at POP since August 15. (There were a total of 7 at POP in 2016. Crosspoint had 4.) And with Vicar Matt with us, the needoutside of special situations or emergencieswill be minimized. Thus, a reduction in that cost by $1,000 is planned for 2017. While we pray we won’t need the $5,000 planned, there will be circumstances where that may be needed.

Guest pastors will be used for two main purposes:

  1. a guest with a specific ministry connection,
  2. to facilitate needed fill-ins.

We are blessed with a number of very talented people. As the result of a program designed by Pastor Christianson, we have had guest musicians through our summer program, Good Friday, Easter, Reformation, Christmas, and for special events and emergencies. In some situations these musicians help to support all of our local talent and in others it is used to be a form of outreach, mission support, guest experience and to expose us to various forms of worship styles provided thru the talents and passions of others. This not only included music but also such things as dance & storytelling. This planned expense has been reduced for 2017 but can’t just go away.