Can you explain what Pastor Karl is referring to when he says we will be "partnering" with Crosspoint?

Pastor Karl referred to the “collaborative” and “partnering” nature of our relationship with Crosspoint. In the early days of the Dei Campaign, over 8 years ago, Crosspoint was referred to as a “daughter” church. Much like Prince of Peace, when a church sought to exist it became a “mission church” and received support from the District for a number of years until it was capable of surviving for a period of time. The way that churches develop and thrive today is more in the context of a “daughter” church. The intent is that resources can be shared and finding ways that are collaborative such as we share a common sermon series. We share resources as needed as well as occasionally share Pastors. We help them with some printing on occasion and many of our members help with music and with tech issues. Now we are looking at a Worships Arts Director to primarily serve at Crosspoint but also work with POP.

In 2016 Crosspoint met or exceeded its planned giving every quarter and they have an aggressive goal of over 18% growth in giving for 2017. Financially, Crosspoint has a goal to be financially independent by 2019. This would be several years sooner that Prince of Peace was solvent at its start. Unlike the churches of old our relationship with them is not intended to be one that is severed but rather in partnership is maintained and nurtured. Perhaps together a new mission opportunity will emerge for us both to raise up.