What is the number of pastoral, staff and ministry employees?

# of pastoral employees = 1 full time + 1 part time = 1.5 FTE (FTE = full time equivalents)
# of ministry employees  = 3 full time (including new DCE) + 5 part time = 5.0 FTE
# of admin employees = 2  full time + 6 part time = 5 FTE (full time equivalents)

As a comparison Susan Beaumont  in her book, Inside The Large Congregation, noted that churches within our range of average weekend worship attendance typically have 3 FTE for pastoral staff, 5.6 FTE for ministerial/program staff, and 3.6 FTE for administrative support staff excludes janitorial and nursery support). Based on this we compare favorably: current actual = 11.5 FTE vs. 12.2 FTE from SB statistics. However Susan Beaumont is quick to note in her book : " It is difficult to make generalizations about how many clergy it takes to effectively serve the large congregation. Congregations embrace a wide diversity of practices."