We are being asked to approve a deficit budget - when will Crosspoint be self-sustaining?

Crosspoint might be self-sustaining: We certainly recognize that Crosspoint is a challenge but it's also a great opportunity for God's kingdom in our community. Crosspoint is expected to require POP's support through 2018. Note Crosspoint does not contribute to the budget deficit in 2016 – Crosspoint’s shortfall will be covered mainly via Dei Funds. Dei Funds targeted for Crosspoint will be depleted in 2018. Grant funds from donations to and service from members of both POP and Crosspoint at Community Threads also are being applied to support Crosspoint’s operations. Crosspoint is a Strategic Focus - we remain committed to supporting their efforts to join Jesus on His mission.

Taking a longer-term view, Crosspoint is now in its fifth year. Supporting them through 2018 will be eight years of support. Prince of Peace needed ten years before its financial support from the NID ended. Pastor John and the Crosspoint leaders understand the challenges they face. With God's help we trust Crosspoint will continue to progress toward self-sustainability. Please keep them in your regular prayers, and consider assisting their efforts via donations of goods and service time to Community threads.