What is the status & location of Chuck Johnson's "carved out Last Supper"?

Chuck’s carving is beautiful and has been a cherished part of the narthex for many years. The original frame for the carving was quite ornate. It was decided that it did not fit in with the other, simpler, artwork that is currently displayed throughout the church. Ron Boots willingly agreed to make a simpler frame. He did a fine job and the carving was re-hung in the narthex. We have had many positive comments from other members regarding this. The carving has not been damaged in anyway - only the frame was replaced. The staff is developing a short informational piece regarding the background on how the carving came to be and that will be framed and hung next to the carving. (FYI: Most of the data we are using will be taken from the Daily Herald newspaper article that was written about the carving.) We are also working on directing a spotlight onto the carving.