What is the role of the BOD and what is the reporting relationship of the staff?

There is language in Article Seven of the By-Laws of Prince of Peace that summarily outline the "Duties of Officers - Functions, Powers, Organization of the Board of Directors". However perhaps the best way to begin to answer the first question is to directly refer you to the statements in the Board of Directors Policy Manual that address twelve specific functions for the POP Board of Directors:


The overall responsibility of the Board is to provide a strong, powerful, and ethical pursuit of the congregation’s mission. To that end, the Board shall:

2.1.1 Ensure that the Strategic Focus of the congregation is the driving force for all activities and related ministries.

2.1.2 Review and update the Desired Outcomes and Targets of Policy 1.4 no less than bi-annually.

2.1.3 Establish Governing Policies for the Board.

2.1.4 Establish and monitor the appropriateness of, and adherence to, policies that guide the efforts of the Senior Pastor. (See Policy 3)

2.1.5 Ensure that policy and financial decisions are executed in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the congregation.

2.1.6 Communicate regularly to the Members the pertinent activities of the Board and solicit communication from the Members and others that have a felt stewardship in the congregation.

2.1.7 Exercise particular concern for the spiritual and physical welfare of the Senior Pastor.

2.1.8 Conduct the Senior Pastor’s Annual Performance Review. (See Policy 4.5.)

2.1.9 Perform administrative and supervisory activities as prescribed by the Constitution and By-Laws.

2.1.10 Annually designate housing allowances for called staff (see the Housing Allowance Policy in the Personnel Manual).

2.1.11 Annually affirm the Budget and present it to the congregation.

2.1.12 Annually appoint a Financial and Operational Review committee (per Article 7, Section 2 of the By-Laws) (see Policy

Note that there are sub points for many of these that further clarify responsibilities. (The Constitution & By-Laws as well as the Board's Policy Manual are available on line at our website under the Resource tab, Board Resources sub tab or we can have a copy printed upon request.)

First, we as Board members should be ‘servant leaders’ that function as representative spokespersons for the congregation. In general the Board has 3 core functions:

1) Ownership Linkage
2) Written Policy Development
3) Monitory Results and Policy Compliance

Let us add a little explanation to these:

1) OWNERSHIP LINKAGE – Structurally the Board sits between the congregation and the staff. This does not mean that we are ‘management one step up’ from the staff, but rather that we are ‘ownership’ one step down from the congregation, linking the two. This means having ongoing dialogues with the congregation to discern and quantify what we should be doing and how to measure and improve those efforts. (Over the past couple years the Board has made a concerted effort to improve dialogue with the congregation. We hope you have noticed - let us know where we need to improve..)

2) WRITTEN POLICY DEVELOPMENT – Translate those expectations, other forms of information such as emerging trends and issues, and direction from our own perspectives into written criteria and policies for success.

3) MONITOR POLICY COMPLIANCE – Ensure the criteria and policies are met and adhered to.

The Board's job is not to run the operational end of the church or to micromanage the staff's operational role. Rather we are to focus on the bigger strategic picture and support the staff to effectively carryout the ministries and responsibilities effectively. All of this should be done in concert to achieve the congregational desires and glorify God.

Thus to answer the other two questions - only the Senior Pastor is accountable to and evaluated by the Board. Other staff members are accountable through the Senior Pastor's direct reports and evaluated by him and his direct reports.  

The congregation has made it clear that the Senior Pastor shall be less of a "CEO" and must focus more on his primary role as the spiritual leader of the congregation. To that end, several policy changes and oversight changes have been made. We praise God that He has led us to Pastor Fay and Pastor Fay to us as our new Senior pastor. We look forward to what God has in store for His glory at Prince of Peace and how He will use Pastor Fay and us to join Jesus on His mission.