Is Prince of Peace Lutheran church going in the wrong direction???

Each individual at Prince of Peace is a unique creation of God with different likes and dislikes. However we believe the fundamental reasons that one should chose to worship at Prince of Peace are that they are primarily aligned with the Truth of God's Word, our Lutheran doctrines, and our core values:

Personal Evangelism | We believe sharing our faith is most effective and best received when it happens in the context of personal  relationships.
Loving Relationships | We believe in demonstrating our love in commitment and action.
Relevant Teaching | We believe God's Word is intended to be understood and applied to daily life.
Intentional Discipleship | We believe spiritual growth can and should be actively pursued by every believer.
Total Involvement | We believe the church is most effective when all members serve using their spiritual gifts.
Outward Focus | We believe the needs of people outside the church should take priority over the preferences of those inside the church.

We believe the congregation-at-large, members, and staff earnestly strive to live out values, even in our sinful condition. Therefore our mission of "reach, grow, and serve” is taking place and our God and Savior is honored, glorified, and pleased. In our view, this is the right direction for Prince of Peace. We are not perfect, but we never have been and never will be this side of heaven. We will not cease to run for the prize as Paul instructs in 1 Corinthians 9.