Where is a list of the various ministry teams and their membership?

The information you are seeking does exist and is available to you in any of the following4 places:

1.     There is a paper copy of a Ministry Team brochure that is in the rack by the Resource Center.

2.     Secondly if you go to our new website there is a tab called "CONNECT". Under it is a category called "Groups/Ministries" which will guide you to activities by age group (i.e. Adults, Teens, Kids). However the one in which I think the questioner is interested is The "VOLUNTEER" link under the "CONNECT" tab. When you go to this page, one of the topics is "Ministry Teams". Click on the box that says "Learn About Our Ministry Teams" and it will take you to a long page. Here you can scroll through that highlights those. 


Note also that at the bottom of this page is an electronic "Ministry Team Interest Form" that can be filled out easily online.  

3.   The 3rd area is the "Connecting Through Ministry Teams" listing that is distributed to each person at New Member classes. This 3 page listing highlights Ministry Teams for which each staff member is responsible.

4.     Finally Susan Klemstein, our Director of Outreach & Assimilation, maintains a listing of all ministry teams and participants. It is 77 pages long! We don't publish this for a variety of reasons. First printing copies would wipe out a significant amount of trees. The second is that we want to protect the privacy of participants - perhaps from someone who wants to keep score to determine "who is serving on the most ministry teams". But clearly the reason is to keep the focus on describing the opportunities to use one's gifts & passions for God's glory as opposed to the "participants'.

These  documents are updated periodically. When you look at the information provided in any of these places, we hope you will note that there has been good progress in establishing new ministry support teams or advisory groups and here are just some of those:

·       Music ministry teams have been created.

·       PEACE Group coaches are serving as an Advisory Team to small group ministry

·       A  stewardship advisory and action team is established.

·       Advisory groups were used for the development of the new website.

·       Advisory teams are being established around Community Threads.

·       The Board of Directors will be adding a Strategic Planning & Focus advisory team.

·       A feasibility study group is just getting started with a focus on what would a child care center look like at POP (i.e.  what do we need to know that we don’t know, what are the costs, what are the barriers and what has the experience of other churches been?)

We are also aware of the fact that we are still in some transitions with our staffing so these will undoubtedly change in the coming months. If you have any questions about an area of ministry try out the new website and just ask the question. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities be sure to check out the Brown page insert frequently found in your bulletins, call the church or a specific staff member, or contact one of us on the Board. We praise God for all that are faithfully serving him here at POP and pray that even more may join us.