What is the status of displaying the US Flag again?

At the 4/24 Congregational Information Meeting, BOD member Jim McCabe outlined in detail that the flag issue is one that is quite common amongst other churches and denominations. So it has been thoroughly investigated with respect to church and protocol considerations. We recognize that we are richly blessed to live in a country that provides religious freedoms and blessed by the service of so many, including many current and past POP members, to our nation to preserve those liberties. From a theological perspective our first allegiance though is to God regardless of national or flag allegiance, and we want that foremost to transcend our worship experience. The short answer is that it has been decided to place a flag in the narthex adjacent to the mission world map in accordance with proper flag protocol (i.e. flag to the observer's left, etc.). As has been our long standing practice, funeral services for veterans involving an honor guard will continue to properly display the US flag during that ceremony.