Dear Heavenly Father,

You are so amazing and as the song says, “You are an awesome God!”

Recently I had to replace one of the original parts you gave me – as you know, after years of use and abuse I had a total knee replacement. While reluctant it was definitely time and from the decision, through surgery and through rehab I have always felt your presence reassuring me and watching over me. One afternoon I was sitting in my room at the rehab facility and as I prayed I truly began to see all the ways you filled me up. Around church we have regularly asked just how we saw You in our lives this week. When it came to this experience, there were so many ways You were present. You were present in my PEACE Group that sat with me, prayed with me, called me and sent me cards of encouragement and checked on my wife to make sure she was okay. You were present in my wife who is my rock and pushes me and cheers me on with amazing love and amazing patience. You showed yourself in my sister Barb who was a steady cheerleader and companion who virtually every day came bearing a creative handmade card and a smile.

One afternoon, I looked around my room and realized I had no more room for cards. Beautiful cards that uniquely shared that your people, your church, were keeping me and Cathy in their prayers. Thank you so much for Prince of Peace – Your church has filled me with awe, with encouragement, humility, love and unending gratitude. When I returned to the church I was met with smiles and greetings and concern and encouragement. You unveiled for me another reason why Your church in Palatine is so special.