P.E.A.C.E. Groups

Life is meant to be shared.

P.E.A.C.E. Groups bring people together to enjoy each other, learn how to live like Jesus-followers in daily life, and support one another on life's journey.

They meet weekly or twice a month and are led by trained leaders. About 3-12 people are typically in a group. They meet in homes, at restaurants, or on the Prince of Peace campus. 

P.E.A.C.E. stands for the essential elements of every group...

P - Prayer Members pray for and with one another.

E - Evangelism Group members look to invite and bring new friends to the group. Newcomers are always welcome!

A - Apprenticing Leaders mentor individuals for future leadership. As more people join and new groups are formed, the need for more trained leaders increases.

C - Christ-study Groups discuss the Bible with the goal of not only knowing Jesus, but becoming more like Him, and doing what He did.

E - Encouragement Groups are positive and uplifting where you are supported in your faith journey and personal life struggles. 

Find a Group! 

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Want to Find Out More?

If you are not sure which group may be best for you, or would like to find out more information about starting a group, e-mail Diana Vander Pas, Director of Small Group Ministry, or call her at the church office at 847-359-3451 x119.