Lifetree Café

Lifetree Café Palatine branch comes to a close December 12

This weekly ministry planted seeds of faith in more than 400 new people over 4½ years with a tallied attendance of 3,300 people! Lifetree Café episodes were high quality, well run, and those in attendance enjoyed the experience. (Attendees reported their experience as a 9 out of 10, while also growing closer to others, and experiencing God during the evening.) However, while the attendance in Palatine started out strong, it has not sustained over time and has dwindled to less than ten people each week.

While we grieve this Lifetree Cafe branch coming to a close, we celebrate what God has done through it during this season of our congregation’s life and prayerfully anticipate where He will lead us next.

It has been an amazing journey seeing respectful conversations from many perspectives in the room across a number of topics! We look to the future for God to carry the spirit of Lifetree forward in the lives and daily conversations of those who attended.

The final episode in Palatine will be December 5 with a celebration of the Lifetree Café ministry on December 12 at 7:00pm at Emmett’s. We hope you can join us as we remember the journey and celebrate together.

Lifetree Café Celebrations from Palatine Branch

Through Lifetree Café, we saw comfort from Jesus shared with others, engaged people with vastly different views in respectful conversations learning from each other, and planted seeds of faith each week through Scripture and sharing personal stories.   

The Palatine branch held many service projects supporting the community including: collecting warm coats and items for homeless in Palatine for Journeys, diapers for PHD, Christmas cookies for Palatine Police and fire stations, and cards to Veterans. Donations were collected and sent to the Palatine Needy Family Fund, a local animal shelter, and Little City to support individuals with Autism.

Good topics, honest people with various opinions. It’s a dose of realism with the faith of God working through and around all of us.
— Palatine Lifetree Attendee
We went deeper in one hour than our group had shared in six years.
— A small group participant who then attended Lifetree
No matter the subject, God grabs me at some point and shakes me and screams, I am talking to you – listen!
— Palatine Lifetree Attendee
This was the first time a Christian was ever nice to me.
— An Atheist who attended Lifetree

Where can participants go who still want to attend Lifetree Café?

The closest Lifetree is in Crystal Lake on Tuesdays at 7:00pm. Participants who enjoy Lifetree are encouraged to attend there. Sheila Halasz is the contact.


The Point
5650 Northwest Highway
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014

For more information on Lifetree Café or to see upcoming topics, go to LifetreeCafe.comFor questions specific to the Crystal Lake branch, call 815-715-5476.