Preparing for Confirmation: What does it look like at POP?

Activities help us apply God's Word.  Here parents and students learn the importance of curbs...God gives curbs to us in the Ten Commandments.  

Activities help us apply God's Word.  Here parents and students learn the importance of curbs...God gives curbs to us in the Ten Commandments.  

We’re all on a spiritual journey, and no two people's journeys look the same.  There are specific things that happen in the course of our lives, we call them stepping stones, that shape and mold us along life's path. When we're young, we lean on our parents to guide us, to tell us what's what, and to help shape our worldview.  Around seventh/eighth grade, we at Prince of Peace believe children are ready to take ownership of their faith and understand those biblical truths for themselves, our Lutheran teachings, and to stand up publicly and say, "this is what I believe."  

The journey towards "confirmation" starts long before middle school.  It starts at baptism.  It starts when mom and dad bring their child to receive the promise, grace, and forgiveness in the waters of baptism for their child.  They speak the words in the place of their child. The seed is planted.  Now it's time to grow.  

Going to church, going to Sunday School, getting your first bible, partaking in the Lord's Supper are all stepping stones on the way to confirming your faith.  Confirmation isn't the end of the's in the middle.  It's the time where we take a pause, stand up and say, "this is what I believe."

When a student declares that they are indeed on the road to publicly confirm their faith, they will attend a special catechism class (Getting to Know Jesus – Jr. High Edition) with their parents.  This is a great opportunity for parents and students to learn together and to start some great faith conversations.  In this class, we learn about our Lutheran faith and heritage as we study the catechism, who God is to us, what he has done for us, and how we can respond.  We build relationships and community with the other families that are on this journey of discovery as well.  

"Getting to Know Jesus" is our 6-week class on Wednesday evenings, and is open for anyone in seventh grade or older who are preparing to confirm their faith. Parents and students together determine when they are ready to prepare to confirm their faith; it doesn't have to be in Junior High.   Students attend this class with their parents because what happens at home between classes has more of an impact on a student's faith journey than what happens in class.  Home is where you can put what you learned into action, and have conversations based on what your shared experience in class.  

This class is an extension of the learning at IGNITE on Wednesday Night, regular worship attendance, and serving requirement for students.  Two 6-week sessions are being offered each year - one starting in October and one in January.  Students desiring to confirm their faith will also attend a confirmation retreat in April.  When the student and parent agrees that they are ready, they can participate in the Rite of Confirmation during worship in April.   

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