POP Women's Ministry

Denise Blake,  Prince of Peace Women's Ministry Leader

Denise Blake, Prince of Peace Women's Ministry Leader

Two to three mid-sized women's events will be planned yearly, such as the Spring Swap Luncheon, a summer garden party, and an on-site retreat this fall.

Are you passionate about connecting women in fellowship to each other and to God? 

New Online POP Recipe Share


Have a great recipe others always love?
We want to hear from you!

We are gathering your favorite family recipes to share electronically with others at POP and Share Christ's Peace through the love and community of food! This is an online cookbook, so it's always available when you want it, and you can easily search for a particular dish. (No hard copy will be printed.) The online recipe bank works best when more people add to it, so sign up today and enter as many recipes as you want!

To participate, send your e-mail address to Charlene. You will receive a welcome invitation from Family Cookbook Project telling you how to log in and create your user name and password. 

Important Privacy option:

When you submit your recipe, please check the box marking the recipe as "Private" before saving. This way, only POP members will be able to view your name and recipe. Not clicking "Private" will allow other "families" to view your submission.