A special group to help children ages 5* through 12 heal from the hurt caused by the separation or divorce of their parents.

DC4K is a Christ-centered program designed to help children through creative learning and social interaction. While biblically based, this is not a counseling service or therapy program. 

This series will be held on Monday evenings 6:30-8:30pm. The first session is February 26.  There are 13 sessions and they will end with session on May 21.

At our weekly DC4K group, kids make friends with other kids who understand how they feel and the things they are going through because of the divorce or separation of their parents. Each session is filled with games, music, videos, activities, crafts and stories centered around a weekly theme to help the children process the many changes they’re facing, identify and sort through their emotions, and learn to communicate their feelings with their parents.

During this series, we also offer DivorceCare (for adults), an ideal way for parents to get support for themselves that is complementary to their children's experience in DC4K. For more information, see our DivorceCare page.  Childcare for children under age 5 is available and requested at time of registration.

*5 years of age = already in kindergarten

COST: $15 (for activity book)


For more information, call or email
the church office at 847-359-3451, 
or visit DivorceCare For Kids's website.