October 2018 Board Briefing

An update from the Prince of Peace Board of Directors:

 Pictured (left to right):  Donna Younger  (Vice Chair) , Derek Giromini  (Secretary) , Val Ridgway, Troy Heinritz  (Chair) , Joe Guyer, Bill Heffernan, Mary Gail Ford, Ted Wiemann, Linda Plegge

Pictured (left to right): Donna Younger (Vice Chair), Derek Giromini (Secretary), Val Ridgway, Troy Heinritz (Chair), Joe Guyer, Bill Heffernan, Mary Gail Ford, Ted Wiemann, Linda Plegge

Crosspoint Update 
Ten years ago this October, the Prince of Peace (POP) congregational voters assembly adopted a bold strategic plan to plant a new church in the suburbs to the northwest of Palatine. In a recent sermon Senior Pastor Karl Fay noted that the newly stated values align with what POP has demonstrated for years, and that Crosspoint Church in Lakewood truly exemplifies the value Imagine The Possibilities. With a goal based on trusting God, POP affirmed to continue to follow the plans God had laid before them to reach out to more people in a new and different way to share the love of Jesus. On October 14, Crosspoint, too, imagined the possibilities as they transitioned to two Sunday services. Praise God that they were richly blessed with attendance that reached 103, including five new communicants! Since June attendance is up 21% at Crosspoint, and Facebook Live viewership has doubled. This year, they have baptized nine people (including one adult) and fostered 10 Confirmation students and nine First Communion students. 

Crosspoint is a vital part of our current strategy to reach new people with whom to share Christ’s peace. Crosspoint is part of who we are as a church. We share strategic leadership, ministry leaders, administrative functions, and the joys and challenges of ministry life. POP continues to invest with courage in new missions, and Crosspoint is a very important partner in this journey.  As Lead Pastor John Scott points out: “More than half the people who have attended Crosspoint have never been associated with a church before.” How exciting to realize that our partner Crosspoint is reaching this growing segment of our society for God’s kingdom on earth!

Do you recognize this acronym? Don’t feel bad if you don’t; many of us on the Board didn’t know it either until we dug into Board work. It stands for Large Equipment Replacement Fund.

Each year, we make a provision in the budget for equipment and/or facility considerations that might require replacement or a major refurbishment. Many things fall into this category including replacement of one of our rooftop air conditioning units, a major overhaul to the furnace, or a computer replacement.     

Last year, much of the upgrade to the kitchen was funded through the LERF. Such a provision is not common within many church budgets. Rather, they tend to react to those crises as they arise and perhaps need to take up a special offering to help defray the costs, or even take out a loan. We thank God for the faithful and insightful stewards at POP who established this fund many years ago. 

In the 2018-19 time frame, one big use of the LERF will be to help fund the sanctuary
enhancement. A special committee has been created to work on this project with a goal of enhancing the overall worship experience in several areas. While more details will be forthcoming, one major consideration is to replace the outdated projectors with a flat screen system. Fortunately, over the past few years, the cost for this technology has gone down. Stay tuned as we look to invest with courage in God’s kingdom experience at POP. 

October Leader Gathering 
POP leaders gathered on October 16 to review the 3x50 campaign and discuss our vision for the next six months. Senior Pastor Karl Fay presented the vision for realignment of POP Groups and Staff as they relate to the Vision Frame and the findings of the Ministry Evaluation process. He also presented the new POP logo and gave a preview of POP’s new website that is currently under construction. Board Chair, Troy Heinritz led the discussion of the vision for the next six months, Forming for 50, which includes four major initiatives: Leadership Pipeline, Evaluate Mission Partners, Expand Groups, and Enhance the Worship Experience. The fourth initiative will be financed by the aforementioned LERF. Additional updates and progress on 3x50 will be shared at our Winter Voters Information Meeting on Sunday, December 2 after the 10:30 service.

It is a pleasure to serve you and our congregation as we strive to share Christ’s Peace in our busy communities. Click here if you would like to share any questions or concerns with the Board.