August 2018 Board Briefing

An update from the Prince of Peace Board of Directors:

 Pictured (left to right):  Donna Younger  (Vice Chair) , Derek Giromini  (Secretary) , Val Ridgway, Troy Heinritz  (Chair) , Joe Guyer, Bill Heffernan, Mary Gail Ford, Ted Wiemann, Linda Plegge

Pictured (left to right): Donna Younger (Vice Chair), Derek Giromini (Secretary), Val Ridgway, Troy Heinritz (Chair), Joe Guyer, Bill Heffernan, Mary Gail Ford, Ted Wiemann, Linda Plegge


Each year, with the coming of summer, one third of the members of the Prince of Peace Board of Directors rotate off and are replaced by three new members.  This succession of leadership provides both the year-to-year continuity and the regular infusion of ideas, insights and energy that insures continued excellence in leadership for Prince of Peace.  This year was another excellent example of just such a succession with the congregations’s election of new Board members, Derek Giromini, Linda Plegge, Val Ridgway. Welcome Derek, Linda and Val!

Many thanks to departing Board members Tod Kruse, Jim McCabe and Fred Schattner for their faithful service on behalf of the POP congregation, including easing new members into their roles.

The Board works together as a group and in committees to monitor and guide the activities as designated by the POP Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy Manual. To accomplish this work for 2018-19, the following Officers and Committees have been established. If you have any questions about Board activities, feel free to ask any Board member or submit a question here.

Officers: Chair, Troy Heinritz; Vice Chair, Donna Younger; Secretary, Derek Giromini
Financial Review Committee: Bill Heffernan (Chair), Joe Guyer, Val Ridgway
Nominating Committee: Donna Younger (Chair), Mary Gail Ford, Ted Wiemann
Endowment Committee: Ted Wiemann (Chair), Bill Heffernan, Val Ridgway
Strategic Planning Committee:Troy Heinritz (Chair), Ted Wiemann, Donna Younger
Communication Committee: Bill Heffernan (Chair and Dialogue Coordinator), Derek Giromini (Board Briefings Coordinator), Linda Plegge (Website Coordinator), Mary Gail Ford (Prayer Coordinator)

The Board is excited about the beginning of the 3x50 Campaign on the heels of all the hard work done by the Vision Team and church consultant Auxano.

It is a pleasure to serve you and our congregation as we strive to share Christ’s Peace in our busy communities. Click here if you would like to share any questions or concerns with the Board.