April 2018 Board Briefing

An update from the Prince of Peace Board of Directors:

Pictured from left to right: Troy Heinritz (Secretary), Joe Guyer, Ted Wiemann (Vice Chair), Jim McCabe, Fred Schattner, Donna Younger, Mary Gail Ford, Bill Heffernan, Tod Kruse (Chair)

Pictured from left to right:
Troy Heinritz (Secretary), Joe Guyer, Ted Wiemann (Vice Chair), Jim McCabe, Fred Schattner, Donna Younger, Mary Gail Ford, Bill Heffernan, Tod Kruse (Chair)

2018 marks a significant anniversary
in the life of Prince of Peace (POP.)

Nearly 10 years ago on June 29, 2008, a new long-range strategic plan was adopted by the congregational voters’ assembly. It included plans to plant a new church in the suburbs to the northwest of Palatine. Unfortunately, the housing boom bubble burst shortly after the launch of that ministry – Crosspoint Lakewood Lutheran Church. Nevertheless, with a spirit of boldness and courage, the congregation affirmed its intent in October 2008: ”With a goal founded in the trust of God, POP affirmed to continue to walk in the plans God had laid before them to reach out to more people in a new and different way to share the love of Jesus with more people.” (A recent quote from Pastor John Scott who was called in September 2009 as Outreach Pastor to lead God’s people in this journey.)

The challenges over the ensuing years have increased as the Lake in the Hills/Lakewood housing boom receded considerably from original forecasts. Yet the overarching mission “to help people connect with God in a whole new way” continues faithfully and is reaffirmed by the POP Board. Crosspoint is a vital part of our current strategy to reach new people with whom to share Christ’s peace. Crosspoint is part of who we are as a church. We share strategic leadership, ministry leaders, administrative functions, and the joys and challenges of ministry life. POP has been and continues to be a catalyst for new missions, and Crosspoint is a very important partner in this journey. As Pastor John points out: “More than half the people who have attended Crosspoint have never been associated with a church before.” How exciting to realize that Crosspoint is reaching this growing segment of our society for God’s kingdom here on earth!

Following are some brief updates regarding
Crosspoint Lakewood Lutheran Church:

  • We thank God for the addition of Audrey Coyne as the Worship Arts Director. She has brought an important consistency and vibrancy to the music and worship experience at Crosspoint.

  • The budgeted marketing campaign with Stellar Edge Marketing Group has ceased for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, two Crosspoint parishioners have volunteered to carry forward the next steps that had been identified as part of those marketing efforts.


Here are some numbers from 2017 that matter for God’s kingdom in Lakewood and to us at POP:

  • Six baptisms

  • 20,000 minutes of viewership on Facebook Livestream of Sunday morning worship

  • 50% increase in financial giving

  • 42 trained lay leaders in action

  • 80% of Crosspoint members active in serving the community

  • Pastor John, by virtue of eight years of service, has become eligible to take a paid sabbatical leave which is provided for rest, renewal, and refreshment for him and his ongoing ministry. He is currently enrolled at Northwestern University Kellog Executive Scholar Certificate program pursuing an Executive Scholar Certificate in Nonprofit Management. In order to obtain the certificate, he needs to take five-six executive education sessions. For each session he will be absent from Crosspoint for nine days, including two Sundays. Arrangements for essential coverage, including preaching responsibilities, have been made. Pastor John has already begun this process with a goal of completing the certification by the end of summer. Please keep him and his family in your prayers!

It is a pleasure to serve you and our congregation as we strive to share Christ's peace together. Click here if you would like to share any questions or concerns with the Board.