June 2016 Board Briefing


If serving “the least of these” is on your heart, then the Local Missions Ministry might be the ideal place for you!  Each of these local mission initiatives needs our support in prayer, and in hands & feet.

Palatine Faith In Action (PFA)

Co-led by Prince of Peace, PFA is 10 local church partners who work for the local community with food & youth as their primary areas of focus.  Meets bi-monthly.

Palatine Opportunity Center (POC)

POP’s continued partnership with POC includes hosting the community garden on our Palatine campus this summer.  And POP will be the host site for all-ages learning topics throughout the summer – like ‘food from the garden’, ‘food not culturally known’ and perhaps even canning.  This is a great serving and learning opportunity for all members & Peace Groups!!

Palatine High School

Did you know that more than 50% of PHS students are on free or reduced lunch?  POP has increased our involvement with the PHS social workers network in providing assistance with food, in addition to the Christmas gift card outreach during December 2015.  Earlier this year, POP helped start the PHS Pirate Treasure Chest – where backpacks of shelf stable food are given to students so they have meals over the weekend.  Some of the food donations come from the Palatine Township but additional food is being supplemented by POP and other PFA churches.  19 families are currently in the program but the goal is to expand this program at PHS.  Find out how you can help!

Palatine Township School Supplies

Most of us have heard of the Palatine Township Apple Tree Program which helps 300 families each year with school supplies.  But the need is closer to 1,000 families!!  Look for more details in the coming weeks as we prepare for the POP July School Supply Drive.  Sounds like another great serving opportunity for all members & Peace Groups!!


During Summer 2015, 130 people served our local community through Here 2 Serve projects and we’re hoping for many more during Summer 2016!  Saturday morning, June 25, will be our first big serving date with many projects to choose from. All ages & talents are welcome.  The full list of Summer 2016 projects is available at the Connection Center and also online at PopPalatine.org/mission-events.  Sign up online or by contacting Susan Klemstein. Come join Jesus on His mission in our community!