Winter 2011 Board Briefing

Board of Directors (BOD) shares results of June 2011 member survey and clarifies how the Board governs

To maintain and improve communication between the Board and the congregation, the BOD routinely asks for input and invites various Member segments to dialogue with us. On Sunday, November 12, 2011, the BOD hosted an open Dialogue with 35 Prince of Peace members in attendance. 

After her opening prayer, Board Chair, Susan Meyle, welcomed everyone with the reflection, Ministry is a team sport. She shared that the Board dedicates a portion of each of its meetings to leadership training and development. 

“Part of our training involves reading and discussing books about church leadership. Two of our favorite and most helpful books are Winning on Purpose by John Kaiser and The Unity Factor by Larry Osborne. Both of these books use sports analogies to describe church leadership.” 

Meyle went on to explain, “It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure the congregation’s Strategic Focus is the driving force for all the church’s activities and ministries. And we ensure that all the “rules” are followed: the rules include the law, our Constitution & Bylaws, and the Board’s Policy.”

The philosophy of Policy Based Governance emphasizes that the Board should focus on:

  • Spiritual vision rather than internal preoccupation,
  • Encouraging diversity of viewpoints,
  • Strategic leadership more than operational detail,
  • Ends rather than means,
  • Maintaining a clear distinction between the role of the Board and the role of the Senior Pastor,
  • Collective rather than individual decisions,
  • The future rather than the past or present, and
  • Being proactive rather than reactive.

If you have questions about the workings of the Board or how the staff and the congregation fit into our governance model, we invite you to ask any Board member or submit your question in writing. You can send an email to BOD Chair, Susan Meyle at or leave a note with your question in the POP mailbox of any Board member. 


Ministry is a Team Sport

In Winning on Purpose, the author emphasizes the importance of everyone understanding what position they play within the Policy Based Governance Team context.

He describes four positions ….

Ministry - played by the members as they care for one another and reach out to the community.

Management - played by the staff as they equip, resource and coordinate the ministry of the members.

Leadership - played by the Senior Pastor as he provides vision, direction and teaching to achieve the mission of the church.

Governance - played by the Board as it supplies accountability and support to the pastor. This empowers him and allows him to pursue the mission of the church.

What position do you play?