Summer 2011 Board Briefing

Board of Directors (BOD) elects officers and appoints committee members for 2011-2012

At the Spring Voters meeting, Nancy Hartman, Mark Hiller and Susan Meyle were elected to serve a three-year term on the Board. Following the annual Board Orientation & Training Retreat and our regular June meeting, the election of Board Officers and Committee Appointments is complete.

Board Officers and Committee Appointments for 2011-2012

Chair: Susan Meyle
Vice Chair: Marlene Mahn
Secretary: Susan Stolz
Nominating Committee: Jeff Horvath (Chair), Nancy Hartman, Bo Vossel
Financial Review Committee: Al Kehe (Chair), Mark Hiller, Jeff Horvath
Endowment Fund Committee: Bo Vossel (Chair), Mark Hiller

At our July meeting, a Call Committee was established to undertake the search for our new music ministry staff. The committee, made up of the following individuals, held its first meeting at the beginning of August: Lay Members John Campbell (Chair), Jimmy Murray, Rhoda Neukuckatz, Kerry Rothlisberger, Rich Plegge and Paul McKinney; and Board members Marlene Mahn (Secretary), Jeff Horvath and Mark Hiller.

A Strategic Planning Committee made up of both lay and Board members is soon to be established. This committee will be led by Pete Barber.


As you know, 2010 was tough for Prince of Peace financially-speaking. We’re happy to report finances year-todate show some positive improvement. Because of your giving, church offerings have increased 7% over the same period last year. This, coupled with some very difficult 2011 budget cuts and the staff’s continued careful spending, have brought us to within 2% of our year-to-date plan. What a blessing!

THANK YOU for your generous, sacrificial, and faithful giving. Prince of Peace couldn’t accomplish what it does without you. We want to assure you that we consider the management of your offerings a sacred trust. We hope you agree; it’s an honor and a privilege to see our offerings fund the work of the Lord in this place.

In Christ, for the Church, our Communities, and the World

In all we do, Christ is at the center, leading us, sustaining us, keeping us focused on our mission to REACH all people with the good news of Jesus Christ; to GROW together as his followers; to SERVE God and others with all we have.