July 2014 Board Briefing

Board of Directors Elects Officers & Appoints Committee Members for 2014-2015

At the Spring Voters meeting Stu Bernthal, Tim Froehling and Ted Wiemann were elected to serve a three-year term on the Board. Following our annual Board Orientation & Training Retreat and our regular June meeting, the election of Board Officers and Committee Appointments is complete. 

  • Board Officers
    • Chair: Jim McCabe
    • Vice Chair: Tod Kruse
    • Secretary: Kathleen Lange


  •  Committee Appointments
    • Endowment Fund Committee
      • Sharon Banks, Stu Bernthal, Ted Wiemann
    •  Financial Review Committee
      •  Tim Froehling, Bill Heffernan (Chair), Tod Kruse
    • Nominating Committee
      • Sharon Banks, Kathryn Graber (Chair), Ted Wiemann
    • Strategic Planning Committee
      • Stu Bernthal, Kathryn Graber, Kathleen Lange (Chair), Bill Heffernan

Mark Hiller, Nancy Hartman-Kittner and Susan Meyle completed their terms on the board in May and we would like to thank them & express our deep appreciation for their leadership, time and efforts during their years of service.