February 2015 Board Briefing

Update on Strategic Planning Initiatives

First - the Board would like to say Thank You to all the POP members who joined us for any of the Strategic Planning Dialogues in January & early February. In spite of the snow and cold weather, your time, ideas and suggestions were deeply appreciated by the Board. 

At each dialogue the Board presented an overview of the Strategic Initiative, reviewed the work
and findings of each of the subcommittees and discussed with attendees the recommendations from each subcommittee to the Board. POP members provided their feedback on the recommendations after each meeting and the Board tabulated those results to help us determine next steps. 

Based on feedback from dialogue attendees & discussions among the members of the Board, we would like to share with you a summary of the Action Steps for each of our Strategic Initiatives 

Staffing & Organization Structure

Action Step: Define & Communicate the Vision of POP

"To be an ever-expanding, increasingly diverse community of believers transformed by Jesus and transforming the world around us" Through videos, email and printed documents we will clarify what each of the terms in the vision statement mean and discuss how the ministries at POP fit with this vision. 

Action Step: Review Process Documentation & Master Calendar with POP Staff

The Board will work with the staff to re-evaluate the findings and determine current needs



Action Step: Develop Assimilation Ministry Team

Re-engage subcommittee to establish tactics and a timeline for the development of the new Assimilation Ministry Team which will include standing New Member Shepherd teams by time of service & methods to enhance assimilation of current POP members with serving opportunities.


Action Step: Revisit Recommendations for New Member Class

Revisit the concepts identified with Pastor Karl & Susan Klemstein and finalize what will be presented to the new Senior Pastor.


Facilities & Technology

Action Step: Website Overhaul

Create Website Steering Committee to develop implementation plan


Action Step: Enhancements to the Gym

Improve features in the gym to enhance the quality of various meetings & gatherings


Action Step: Improve hearing-impaired assistance

Create subcommittee to develop project description, obtain quotes and develop implementation plan


Policy Based Governance

Action Step: Review/Revise Policies Relating to Senior Pastor

Review & revise policies relating to the Senior Pastor to reduce focus on administration & enhance focus on being a Spritual Leader


Action Step: Lay Advisor/Action Teams

Conduct gap analysis with staff & identify areas for new LAAT teams to be created


Action Step: Worship Team & Committee Directory

Establish team to develop & publish directory


Action Step: PBG Introductory Brochure

Develop brochure for new members class


Hispanic Ministry

Action Step: Introduce Local Missions plan at April 26th Voters Informational Meeting

The Strategic Planning Group of the Board has worked for over a year with the lay leaders of the Hispanic ministry to document lessons learned and identify options for the future. With the focus of reaching the underserved community in Palatine with the Good News of Christ, the Board is recommending that we establish a new Local Missions Ministry. Learn all about this important new ministry opportunity
at the Voters Informational Meeting on April 26th.

Please join us on April 26th for Lunch at Noon in the Gym with the Voters Informational Meeting starting at 12:30.