June 2015 Board Briefing

An update from the Prince of Peace Board of Directors

Reach-Grow-Serve ....... the Local Missions Ministry and You!

At the recent April Voters Informational Meeting, the Board of Directors presented an overview of the Local Missions Ministry and we started with this perspective:

"POP has attempted, in small and large ways, to minister spiritually to our Hispanic neighbors.    Neither the small, volunteer‐led Bible studies and worship services nor the efforts of a full‐time called pastor showed signs of effectively reaching out in the neighborhoods around POP and reaching Hispanics for Christ. We have seen the impact of personal relationships and have learned the importance of 'earning' the privilege to speak our faith to those we serve."

We also learned from the Hispanic Ministry experience that

  • there is a big difference between excitement and involvement
  • our scope was too narrow ‐ focused on a single culture
  • this effort had a very high demand on resources (people, time and money)  
  • it is hard for us to avoid duplicating the efforts of other organizations, YET there are community organizations who want our help to serve the needs of the underserved

The need continues to be great. Many families in our community struggle with financial/economic hardship and the inability to provide for basic human needs. There are also concerns for at‐risk youth and adults. By SERVING NEEDS, we are more in keeping with our Mission, our Vision and Our Core Values.

Key to the Local Missions Ministry is our Partnership with Community Organizations, who want our help to serve needs and face challenges. These partnerships will allow us to sow "relationship seeds" to open the future for chaplaincy and to open hearts for Jesus.   

With the Local Missions Ministry we will cultivate opportunities to offer a personal welcome to individuals and families met and served through this ministry.

In order to show the love of Christ in the neighborhoods around POP, we must first be present in those neighborhoods. Through intentional partnering with existing local organizations, POP and its members can begin to have a meaningful presence and daily impact in the lives of our neighbors and their families. 

Prince of Peace already has partnerships with some of these groups today and the only thing that would change is that we will not be culturally specific. We will not be focused on ethnicity – we will be focused on need and serving the least of these.

The Local Missions Ministry is the new direction for POP in Local Outreach. We have received great counsel from those who worked so hard to bring the Hispanic Ministry to life and this is their recommendation for scalable and achievable success. We have also received great counsel from community organizations and from some of you who serve the needs of families and communities in your own ways.

How much can we do? The size of the ministry is in great part dependent upon you and the members of this congregation. It is dependent upon being bold for Jesus! It is dependent upon how we can better live out our mission to Reach, Grow and Serve in the mission field that gives all glory to God! We can be a church involved with 2 new partners, or 10, or more. The answer is in our hearts!