The Gospel of John

We are continuing our journey through the Book of John during this ministry year.

Last year, we examined who Jesus claimed to be and his purpose for coming to live among us. We saw and marveled at God's plan by seeing it play out from the very beginning.

This year...

  • we will follow Jesus on to his triumphal entry into Jerusalem
  • we will sit at his table and examine the sacrament in light of the other three Gospels
  • He will wash our feet, and we will ponder its meaning for our own lives
  • He will further reveal God's plan by introducing us to the Holy Spirit and his importance during this today's church age
  • we will hear Peter's denial of Jesus and see the grace of God working through this event (recognizing the hints that this was written by an eyewitness)
  • we will follow our Lord to the cross and bear witness of his death and resurrection providing salvation to all who will be called

Join us for Scripture study and conversation on Sunday mornings in Rooms 12-13 throughout the year starting September 10. We'll pick up where we left off last year, starting with chapter 12. All are invited no matter where you are in your own Christian journey. If you are searching out the faith, this study would provide you with the opportunity to meet Jesus.