Random Acts of Kindness

We invited POP and Crosspoint members/attendees to participate in our own version of Jimmy Fallon’s #Hashtags here. Throughout our “Death To Selfie” series (and beyond), we encouraged all to engage in random acts of kindness. Paying someone’s bill. Tipping generously. Shoveling/snowblowing a neighbor’s driveway....

You shared your photos or stories or called out someone else’s with #DeathToSelfie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or via email.


Seated 2 tables away from us at dinner was a couple in their late 80s to early 90s and they were dressed to the hilt. The gentleman had a walker and when they got up to leave, he could not stand even with his wife pulling on one arm. I got up and walked over and asked if I could help. He looked up at me and said, “God is good. Thank you, young man.” I could only reply, “He is good indeed and you are very welcome.” They left and we cried!
— Jim and Cathy M.

Gave my neighbor a fresh grilled ribeye steak for dinner.
— Kim H.
I brought cleaning supplies from home to erase a naughty word on the bus seat.
— Nathan K.

While attending the women’s protest march in Chicago last weekend, I noticed a senior citizen who was blind and alone with a walker among the crowd. It was packed and difficult to walk for everyone, and she was struggling to maneuver. My friend and I went to her and escorted her as far as possible. The overall feeling in the throng was, “be kind to each other”.