What makes Prince of Peace special to you?

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"I got lost on my way to a methodist church and God directed me to Prince of Peace after a very frustrating drive.  My kids and I stayed in Shepherd's Corner during our first service here.  There was a guest singer and I ended up crying during one of the songs.  A parishioner here, Linda, bought me a CD of the guest singer and truly warmed my heart.  That day I decided not to continue my search for a methodist church and to make this my church."

"Our youngest son...was baptized here by Pastor Christenson in 2005."

"People are nice to one another."

“Prince of Peace goes out to the community and beyond to share the love of God.”

"The parishioners of this church make this church special because of their earnest and productive endeavors to be ambassadors for our Savior Jesus."

"I just wanted to express my thanks for the College Connect ministry's care packages. I know there are many, many worthy ways of using people's money, time, and donations and some may wonder the worth of those little boxes of junk food. But, every time I get one, I just have to smile. That little care package makes me think of the Prince of Peace community and reassures me that that can still be my home, even when I'm away for so long. So thanks to all who donate and assemble those care packages, and to all who volunteer to mail them out. They really do make me happy and help me remember the love of Christ and what it means to be in a community that lives by His love."

"I wanted to take this time to “Thank” all of the POP Members and the POP Care Ministry for their prayers, cards and caring support during this challenging time in my life.  You have touched my heart in so many ways. My husband and I have been so fortunate to experience God’s care through the generous caring people from POP.  Thank you and may God Bless you."

"Prince of Peace has been our home & place of worship for 7 years. We became members shortly after attending the Sunday Easter service. From that first day we entered POP, we knew we had found our new home. What a wonderful family we have at POP. We love all our fellow members and know how much we care for one another. When someone is ill or in need of help we are their for them. When an event, need or tragedy in our community exists, we at POP are there and we give with our hearts. Everyone from our Pastors to all of our other Ministries are truly compassionate, inspirational and dedicated to their service & time they give. Our worship services and messages are for all ages. There is something for everyone and something for everyone to relate to in their own life. To learn more about God’s word, his teachings and what he is saying & telling you to do in your life for our church & the communities we live in. We are so blessed to have Pastor Karl, Pastor John, Martha & all the staff of POP & Crosspoint. We can’t say enough about what a wonderful family we have. We are so blessed to have found Prince of Peace."